darkTunes Label Night – Livestream

An diesem Abend legen wir unseren Fokus auf das Label darkTunes Music Group, deren Bands und ihrerer Musik.
Als Gast dazu haben wir Raphaël von darkTunes im Studio bei uns. Wir beginnen mit einem Interview, bei dem ihr die Chance haben werdet, eure Fragen an ihn zu stellen.

Danach gibt es natürlich Musik.

Raphaël wird uns dabei an den Decks mit einer Auswahl von Musik seiner Künstler, seiner Favoriten und musikalischen Einflüsse begleiten.

Hier zu erwähnen ist, dass der Schwerpunkt stark auf der musikalischen Ausrichtung des Labels liegen wird (DarkPop, Dark electro, Industrial rock, Industrial metal, Darkwave, Gothic rock, Aggrotech, Death electro, Nu metal, Synthwave).

Link zum Kanal:


On this evening we will focus on the label darkTunes Music Group, their bands and their music.
Raphaël from darkTunes will join us in the studio as guests.
We’ll start with an interview where you will have the chance to ask your questions to him.
And of course we will also play some music after the talk.
Raphaël will accompany us on the decks with a selection of music from his artists, his favorites and his musical influences.

It should be mentioned here that the focus will be heavily on the musical orientation of the label (DarkPop, Dark electro, Industrial rock, Industrial metal, Darkwave, Gothic rock, Aggrotech, Death electro, Nu metal, Synthwave).

Link to the channel:

About the Label…
Back to 2013: After working in the music business for a long time, the German-French Raphaël Beck used his passion and experience to establish his very own label – this was the beginning of DARKTUNES MUSIC GROUP! Since then, we have stood for values like honesty, transparency, and fairness, and provide various dark, metal, and rock bands with a haven, as well as a home. Our home is ruled by the same principles of a real family; we believe that, together, we can accomplish anything! Our team works closely with artists, and we believe in developing solutions and concepts by close cooperation. Creativity, therefore, isn’t limited to the borders of the band itself, but also flows amongst our artists. Our experienced musicians also cooperate with newcomers as they work to develop their individual sound.

Experience and diversity – all united in one:

Our CEO has worked in the music industry for more than ten years, and has degrees in Music Business and Online Marketing. He made his mark in event organization during his time as Chef Editor for a gothic magazine in France. Because of this experience, we have become a strong label and we continuously develop our digital abilities. We mainly promote via Facebook, Spotify and YouTube, but we also coordinate with traditional media outlets and influencers. Our social media channels are updated daily, ensuring that our fans are provided with the latest information about our artists. We own the most popular nu/industrial metal and metalcore playlist on Spotify, and our industrial/futurepop/dark electro/darkwave playlist ranks at the top, as well. Our artists’ albums, like DUST IN MIND, SMASH HIT COMBO, LOGICAL TERROR, SICKRET, FALLCIE and DARKCELL, are not only distributed digitally, but thanks to our distribution partners, can be found throughout the USA, Japan, Germany, France and other countries. This allows us to help newcomers reach a worldwide audience and build up a fanbase of their own.

Our artists’ styles stretch across every subgenre of alternative music, and we count on diversity, as opposed to easy-to-consume mainstream acts. For this reason, we don’t stop at genre borders, but also welcome unique artists and cooperate with international acts across the globe. Whether it’s OMNIMAR, TOAL, EXTIZE, SYNTHATTACK, THE BLACK CAPES, BASSZILLA, THIRD REALM, CZARINA or AUGER, we stand behind all of our artists and support them with connections to more than 5,000 partners of the metal and gothic networks. We reach these partners via newsletters and provide information about coming releases; because of this, rising and ambitious bands are sure to be heard. Our merchandise is one of our gems, as well; because of our company, DARKMERCH, we are able to produce all of our merchandise without the assistance of third parties.

Lifeblood instead of factory music farming:

Our goal is to give our bands a feeling of security and professionalism. We don’t value strict schemata or one-sided minds, but work closely with our artists to develop a sound as unique as the artists themselves. Personal promoters take care of artists’ wishes and needs, and develop unique concepts based on our promotion. Under the flag of our slogan, “Against factory music farming!”, we put lifeblood, sweat and energy into our artists and their work. We want to offer an enriching musical value to the scene, as opposed to diluting it with more monotone mainstream acts. However, DARKTUNES is not just a label. We, the team of DARKTUNES, are a passionate group of music lovers, doing everythig we can to provide our fans and our scene with only the best music, day by day.

Electronation – Livestream

Unsere Oktoberausgabe der Electronation wird nicht abgesagt!

Wir verlegen Sie einfach kurzerhand in euer Wohnzimmer!

DJane Miss T.Rious und DJ DarkSpyro senden Live aus dem Nerodom und freuen sich darauf euch die feinsten Beats nach Hause zu schicken!

Gestreamt wird wie immer mit freundlicher Unterstützung von DJ Coldtrack: https://twitch.tv/dj_coldtrack/

Zur Unterstützung der Heimat unserer geliebten Electronation könnt ihr:

a) fleißig im Nerodom-Fanshop einkaufen:


b) virtuell Eintritt zahlen:


LOSTCLUB in October @Twitch

Postpunk, Minimal- & Cold Wave

home party from the office of the solo self-employed
to your living room with DJ Marc Zimmermann (lunastrom, LOSTCLUB)

*** www.twitch.tv/lunastrom ***


from 9pm till 3am (or open end)
Free entrance, tipps are appreciated.
To paypal.me/lunastrom. Thank you so much.
You don’t need a twitch account to listen, only if you want to chat.

Historic playlists: www.facebook.com/pg/lostclub.de/notes
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/lunastrom

upcoming events:
S a t , 3 . 1 0 . | kassettenclub live on twitch.tv/lunastrom from 21.00
S a t , 1 0 . 1 0 . | LOSTCLUB live on twitch.tv/lunastrom from 21.00
W e d , 1 4 . 1 0 . | Radioshow „daydream“ on Lora München (92,4fm) & live on twitch.tv/lunastrom von 22.05 till 1.00h

The Dead Kennys Night/Stream

Dead-Stefan und Dead-Evangel laden, so Corona es zulässt ins Nachtleben. Tanzverbot besteht leider immer noch, deshalb wieder gesittet am Tisch trinken. 🙂 Für alle, die nicht anwesend sein können, werden wir auch wieder streamen. Da fangen wir dieses Mal schon um 20 Uhr an. 🙂

Dann legen wir für euch feinsten Goth/PostPunk/Wave/Synth/Minimal/Punk/etc auf.



Wave Classixx – Warm Up Stream zur Party

Das Warm Up zum Event :
Genau 24 Stunden vor den „Wave Classixx“ im Make Club Fellbach heizen Euch die DJ’s Moers & Jolly schon mal ein und bringen Euch auf Kurs !

Für alle, die sich schon auf das Live Event freuen und für alle die als Trost, die nicht dabei sein können !
Postpunk, Dark 80ies, NeoPostpunk, Batcave, Wave, Gothic vom Feinsten !

Freitag, 25.09.20
18:00 – 20:00 Uhr