MinicaveLiveStream plus Live-Acts and more

We are streaming live out of Triptychon!!!

As clubs are having a really tough time at the moment the Minicave-Team and friends want to support Triptychon with this streaming event so that we can have lots of good upcoming times together in this incredible venue.
More details where you can donate are coming soon.


Ultrasound (NEON Transmissions)
Neon Waves (UNTER NULL Kollektiv, Neon Transmissions)
Friedi (Minincave, Kadeadkas, Ghosts of Dawn, Atomic Neon)
Nina Door (Minicave)

Mängelexemplar + Hagen Hoffmann from VVL

Interview with Sven from Dark Life Experience

YouTube Livestream

……….let´s see if more is going to happen 🙂