In Goth We Trust Special „The Whip“ @ mjut Leipzig

In Goth We Trust special
„THE WHIP“ at Wave-Gotik-Treffen

This night will take place for its 3rd time edition at the major underground festival in the Goth/Scene – Wave-Gotik-Treffen Treffen. This „The Whip“ edition is the result of the need of an underground place for the crowd of likeminded individuals of great diversity.

Only in the darkness the desires arise freely. Discipline, obedience, belonging to someone, And expressing your inner self will move to the beat of melodies that delight the instincts.

This night will be the ideal refuge to express what your soul does not bear to keep quiet. Come and enjoy. Enjoy with the five senses. Because there will always be a small place for goth and fetish lovers who wants to play. Without criticism, without restrictions without racism. Tolerance, respect and consent will be the rules.

Be all welcome to this party!🖤

🔪Very special new venue – Two dance floors and big DARK-ROOM🔪

-Dance floors:
🔪 Ralf Ørlög (Montagsduncker//Berlin)
🔪 Tomasz Woodraf(Return to the Batcave//Bat-Cave // Poland)
🔪 NINA Door (Minicave // Germany)
🔪 Mat Zwart (Special Vinyl set –Waveteef // Belgium)
🔪 Parma Ham (Monster Queen // Torture Garden // London)
🔪 Yami Specchie (Youtube Yami Spechie // Peru)
🔪 Sharp (In Goth We Trust )
🔪 Lady Palmolive (In Goth We Trust)

— Gothic Rock // PostPunk // ColdWave // Synth Minimal Analog // EBM // NDW —


DressCode: Trad Goth, PVC, Latex, Leather, Lace, Queer, Uniform, Glitz, Glam, Drag (something to impress)
– we have wardrobe for people who changes clothes in the venue –

Doors and Admission:
23:30pm – 6:00am
tickets at the door.
WGT wristband — Free entry

mjut: (City Center)
Lagerhofstraße 2, 04103 Leipzig.
(five minutes walk from main train station)

Wir wollen auf unseren Partys einen wohlwollenden Freiraum abseits von patriarchalen und diskriminierenden Umgangsformen für alle schaffen. Bitte respektiert die Grenzen anderer und achtet auf eure eigenen Grenzen. Menschen, die Andere auf Grund ihrer Herkunft, ihres Aussehens, ihrer sexuellen Orientierung, ihres Geschlechts oder anderem diskriminieren, sind nicht willkommen.
Euer Awareness-Team im mjut.

In Goth We Trust Special @ Urban Spree Berlin

Achtung BERLIN!!!

Time for to wear a lot make up, hairspray! and a lot glam like those 80s dates where everything started!!

In Goth We Trust will take place at Urban Spree in a GLAM night with a special dedicated (Tribute) to one of the must knowing female voices into the 80´s postpunk/goth brithish scene, Siouxsie & the Banshees!

Siouxsie and the Banshees may not have been the most groundbreaking band of the late 1970s and early 80s – their name has gone unmentioned during the recent revival of interest in post-punk rock – but they turn out to be surprisingly good subjects for a biography.

The central figures in the band are remarkably candid – Siouxsie herself never misses the opportunity to make a catty remark, while Steve Severin seems to relish his caricatured uber-goth role as a kind of bass-playing Nosferatu.

– J.Macottela
– Lady Palmolive

– Classic 80´s PostPunk // Gothic Rock // Cold Wave, as well playing tunes from this new underground school.

Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99 ( corner Warschauer Strasse x.Revaler Str)

23:45 pm

More Info

IGWT Special – The Sisters Of Mercy @ Urban Spree, Berlin

A very special night will take place this 15 October.

In Goth We Trust will have a very special night about The Sisters of Mercy band with almost 40 years as a formed band.
We will carry you to that obscure 80’s atmosphere playing some PostPunk // Cold wave // Obscure Synths in the mood of Sisters of Mercy.

PostPunk // Cold Wave // Obscure Synths // Gothic Rock

In Goth We Trust – Anniversary lll @ Urban Spree, Berlin

Anniversary Special Night!

In Goth We Trust was a travelling festival which began as an experiment to promote Gothic Rock in Mexico City five years ago.

tree years ago we decided to create a logo that represents our culture to other countries and identifies the project.

We chose Ollin and Quetzalcoatl to become part of In Goth We Trust, with the purpose of disseminating and supporting old school Gothic Rock, including post punk, deathrock, cold wave and dark synth.

We are grateful to the DJs and our audience. We would like to venture and experiment and this is why we made the decision to leave Mexico for Berlin, with the understanding that considerable competition and work would be required — to start from scratch is not easy — we appreciate the support of our guests, and individuals working with us.

After spending a year in Berlin we have had new experiences, made new friends and found a new audience.

We realize that everything changes, having to go at it alone and adapt. We intended to raise awareness of our work and make our own party at the WGT, both things we have achieved.

We have now decided to do something a little bigger than a party and we know we have the support of our audience.

This year we are honoured with the presence of three DJs from different cities:

London DJ Matt (A New Dusk)

Leipzig DJ M (Shock Wave)

Berlin DJ Hazi (Angst Pop)

And of course DJs Sharp & Lady Palmolive (In Goth We Trust)

We will also have the Art Exhibition Gotikatur, because we know that in our subculture not only the music is important.

In Goth We Trust // Underground World Scenen @ Loftus Hall, Berlin

In Goth We Trust // Underground World Scenen

1976 // 2016 Forty years of Underground Scene

Punk // Post Punk // Gothic Rock (Old & New School) // Death Rock // Cold Wave //

Hanzel & Jaakko (Herzschlag)
Emmanuelle 5
Lady Palmolive

6 € entry
Venue // Loftus Hall – Bezirk Neukolln, Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin