Ceremonies # 54 ✣ Decade @ Clinic Basement Berlin

CEREMONIES # 54 ✣ Decade

2010 – 2020: A whole decade of genre-overlapping, groovy, dark sounds.

The first Ceremonies – Club Night took place on February 6th 2010. On February 14th 2020 we’ll celebrate our 10th birthday. Past >>> Forward.


Pleasure X (Benzin in Berlin)
Lynette Cerezo (BESTIAL MOUTHS)
Rosmarin (Bath Salts)
Ian P. Christ (Ceremonies – Club Night)


EBM ✣ New Beat ✣ Synth Wave ✣ Electronic Goth ✣ Post Punk


Clinic Basement (aka „Der Vierte Raum“)
Brückenstr. 1 – 10179 Berlin


Entrance through the backyard. Directly left side from Kit Kat Club main entrance.

Ceremonies – Club Night is not (part of) any Kit Kat event. We are just using a part of the same venue, but providing a separate entrance/door.

There is no particular (un)dress code, but we really appreciate when our crowd shows good style, creativity and diversity. If the latter means a Biene Maja costume for you, you are more than welcome to fly around, but don’t expect to see too many Willies. Up to you if you consider that as a good or bad thing.